The service

What does “registration for creators” mean?

Musicians, designers, photographers, writers, developers, graphic designers, copywriters, journalists and generally all those who create for a living or as a passion, they should be able to share the results of their work while protecting it from plagiarism and counterfeiting. It’s true that that the copyright is born on the day the artwork is created, but it’s also true that it’s essential to be able to prove exactly when the artwork was created and by whom. Proofy makes life easier for authors, allowing them to get an effective, immediate and legally bombproof evidence of creation, in fact the service has been awarded with the “seal of Excellence” by European Commission in the field of “Open Disruptive Innovation”.

1, 2, 3… Proofy!

Using Proofy is really that simple; you just have to deposit your work (as soon as you can) by uploading your file inside our system and Proofy will generate a certificate of registration that is necessary to enforce your rights as author. It is a low-cost service that gives you the chance to store and protect daily the product of your work: books, music, drawings, projects, presentations, formats, researches, graphic arts, websites, pictures…

Moreover, Proofy offers high security standards because it has a proprietary system dedicated to data integrity control. It controls the integrity of the files uploaded in the system together with the certified date that is proven by a public authority with a valid mark for 20 years. Don’t forget that Proofy can protect you from the date of deposit, so don’t wait any longer!