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Proofy – deposit for creatives.

Proofy was founded by a team of 3 professionals: Tiziano, developer but first of all musician; Valentina, freelance consultant with a degree in Economics for Arts and Culture; and Paola, attorney at law with a focus on new business initiatives. The idea was created by Tiziano but the encounter with Valentina and Paola gave a huge boost to the project. So, Proofy is born out of the awareness of 3 professionals aware of the importance for creatives to get recognised for their work without wasting time and at an affordable price, made possible by the technologies adopted.
Today Proofy is a registered mark belonging to the innovative start-up Aegidea Srl and an award-winning (winner of #Eliscamp 2013, Creatifi call, Bando ricerca innovazione 2015, Seal of Excellence by EU commission 2016, SME instruments ph1 and 2017 ph2)..
We told our complete story in the article “Deposited Copyright: how registration for those who create was born”.

Proofy is a partner that offers an innovative solution affordable by everyone for the protection of original works’ IPRs. Uploading and storing the digital version of an original work on Proofy allows the author to prove the integrity and the existence of a firm date, thanks to the time stamp.P

Proofy is the perfect service for creative intellectual work belonging to science, literature, music, visual arts, theatre and cinematography, whatever its form of expression is. You can also upload on Proofy new softwares and computer programs.


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