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Domande frequenti

In Italy, copyrights are first acquired upon creation of the work (art. 6 LDA, art. 2575 C.C.).

Uploading a digital work on Proofy allows the author to proove its existence and integrity at a given date thanks to the certified timestamp.

To prove that you are the creator of an original piece of work the creator must be able to prove the date in which it was created.
Proofy provides a legally valid proof of the date when the work was deposited.

Proofy is a partner who offers an innovative solution that is within anyone’s reach to protect the intellectual property of original works. Uploading and archiving an original work in digital format on Proofy enables the creator to demonstrate the integrity of the work and certify the date in which it was created thanks to a certified timestamp. Read more at “Our service

To prove that you are the creator of an original piece of work the creator must be able to prove the date in which it was created.
A certified timestamp identifies a certain time and date on a document and is legally recognized.
The process provides an immediate timestamp and only takes a few minutes.
The certified timestamp that Proofy uses is certified by a public authority and is legally recognized across Europe (eIDAS certification).

The SIAE is an intermediary body that safeguards the rights of Italian authors and offers, among other things, a service that proves the existence of your work on a given date. This service is provided through a division called OLAF; after paying a fee the creator can deposit a physical copy of their work that will be placed in a folder and sealed with a revenue stamp that certifies the deposit date.

Once deposited the SIAE copyright lasts for 5 years and proves the integrity of the original work for the same amount of time. Proofy also proves the existence of your work at a given date and time but, unlike the SIAE, provides a digital timestamp that lasts for twenty years which means creators can rest easy for a much longer time than the 5 years guaranteed by the SIAE. Moreover, files uploaded and archived on Proofy are protected by an algorithm that seals them and guarantees their integrity; much safer than a wax seal.

Proofy is ideal for inventive and creative works of all kinds, whether from the realm of science, literature, music, figurative arts, theatre, cinema and in any shape or form. Unpublished software and computer programs can also be uploaded on Proofy.

Yes, Proofy can be perfectly integrated to Creative Commons licenses. CC licenses allow authors to distribute their works under “some rights reserved” terms, in other words it is the creator who decides which rights they want to reserve and which they want to give freely. Proofy is a perfect solution for authors as they are able to prove that they created the works at any given time thereby avoiding the risk of being plagiarized.

Unfortunately it doesn’t, the only body authorized to safeguard industrial trademarks is the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. You can however use Proofy to prove authorship of the creative activities that lead to inventions and trademarks.

Certified timestamps used by Proofy are valid for 20 years.

Each of our membership plans has a maximum number of records – on annual basis- and the archiving storage needed for their digital preservation. Whenever the subscription expires, (or in any previous moment) you will always be able to download your registration certificate associated to your original works to continue to personally store them without any additional costs.